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Peakwork Player Hub Technology

We provide you a flexible and worldwide distribution solution. Through our solution, tour operators, airlines, bedbanks and other suppliers will have more channels to distribute. Also able to gain various of destination resources that can be used in tour products.

Expand Global Business

Our advanced dynamic packaging solution provides production and distribution abilities in global travel industry. Increase more possibilities, competitiveness to your travel products and connect you to different channels. Maximum your sales potential.

Strong Travel Network

Benefit from our powerful partner network. Connect with global travel partners in a blink. Network includes over 1 million accommodations and flights covered all over the world and still growing. All you need is to provide an API.

Open Search

Able to search by all kinds of criteria. From destinations, themes to personal favors. No idea where to go? Just put the dates and your interests. Get your ideal packages in seconds!

High Performance System

We developed a central cache format called "EDF" to ensure the high speed and accuracy of searching. Every product in the network use EDF format allows us to manage these data more efficient and easy to optimize. By EDF we can also handle mass traffic easily in mili-seconds.

Concept of Player Hub Technology

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Successful Case

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Hainan Airline
Google Trips