Age of Artificial Intelligence

Our chatbot can support your business 24/7, answer all kinds of questions from customers. Even recommend personalized product via dialog analysis. When everyone is still talking about how to use AI to create revenue. You already started to make progress on conversion rate and have more chances to gain more exposure.

Personal Tagging

During the interaction with users, create the tags according the different behaviors. Then by these tags you can do precise marketing by sending messages to certain group of users. Save the time and more efficient.

1 on 1

Customer support can monitor the conversations in real time. Chatbot will also automatically inform customer support if scenario needed. Then they can step in to provide services.

Message Center

Able to receive the messages from different platforms. Manage and reply in a single panel. Currently support LINE 2.0 and Facebook Messenger.

NLP Engine

NLP allows chatbot react more naturally and human. We have designed various scripts for travel industry that can be used in operation directly.

ERP System

Integrated with ERP system. User can search for order information and customer support can respond based on user's history. Makes communication more effective.

IM Integration

No more link out pages, book the package on Facebook Messenger, LINE, Wechat directly. Confirm the order right away. you book it.